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So you’ve decided to run a half marathon.  Congratulations.  I’m stoked for you.  I wasn’t made for half marathons, 6″4 240 lbs, but I’ve ran about 20 half’s through the last five or so years and have loved every minute of it. Just goes to prove, if I can run a half, and love it, you can too.

I believe pushing your limits and expanding your abilities is one of the most wonderful things you can do in this life and a half marathon is a great place, great distance to start.

Here’s some quick tips for your first half-marathon:

1. Good shoes.  Feet are the most important part of running.  Standing on them, landing on them, using them to propel you for 13 miles.  Go to a good foot store and get some legit sneakers.  I’ve loved New Balance 990’s, 992’s and 993’s since day one.  I just switched to the  NB 1226 and LOVE em!  Thanks Erin Gaugalitz.

2. Get a partner.  I’ll always do more with someone holding me accountable.

3. Set a schedule.  You’ll need to run a good 3-4 times a week and a strength workout to go along with it will keep you in shape as you pound the pavement for the next couple months.  Get accustomed to running by yourself, but set a run a week where you meet up with your partner and go.

4. Get started today.  Go outside and walk/run for 30 minutes.  If you can’t run/ walk for 30 minutes, here’s your workout.  Don’t push too hard.  Enjoy it.  But get started.

Goggins words:
– I train until something’s uncomfortable. That’s when you know who you are.
– The only easy day was yesterday.
– My life doesn’t have a finish line.

– I do it to see what I’m made of. To see if there is a limit to the human soul.
– I imagine myself going through the checkpoints. All this imagery is so important, if you can see yourself doing it, you can.
– I’d rather leave it all out there, or not go out there at all.

– I finish as strong as I start.