welcome to lifechngr


Purpose: to change a life.

Lifechngr is about the moment your life changed.   We are learning how to create that lifechngr moment for everyone possible. Many moments make up a life, few are life changers.

  • Find excellence in everyone.

Look for the good, the possibility of change. Then use – Leadership. Strategy. Business. Adventure. Discipline. Theology. Food. Travel. Tech. Work. Life. Hope.- To make that change exist in this world.

  • This is a page of continual refining, learning.

You are never truly a master. You may have it for a moment, there are moments of brilliance, beauty and awe.  The true masters are always learning and always refining.  Masters in their refining, are always teaching.

  • We are always teaching.

Whether you like or not, someone is watching you, therefore you are a leader.  You as a leader are called to be an example, to lead from the front, and to teach.  We are always teaching.

Change is strength. Be the change you want to see in this world because today:

“Change is the only constant.”