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Goal Setting Strategy – Setting Goals
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Get ready for some practical advice on Setting Goals.  Many times goal setting can become extremely complex and complicated, here’s a simple, no hassle approach on goal-setting for 13.

Years ago I was turned onto a book about goal setting, it was called “The On Purpose Person.”  I’d always set goals.  In HS and College my goals, looked like benching 400 lbs, running a faster 40 or squatting over 400.  I specifically remember the day before my senior season two a days in college when I benched over 400 lbs, it was a lifetime goal.  I shed a tear that day, due to so much work and effort that I had put into achieving that one little push.

Today goals look different, with having had my first child 13 weeks ago and being married, life is a bundle of different responsibilities.  A friend, Greg Crooks sent me an email a few weeks ago, asking if I’d like to workup my lifeplan and discuss prior to 2013.  I’d read Hyatt’s blog; Creating Your Personal Life Plan | Michael Hyatt back in 2010 and setup a life plan, but this would be an in depth look at goals again with some buddies and a challenge to redo, restart my goals.  Once you have a family, your goals change, life changes, and I’m still adjusting.

Set your priorities.

On Purpose Person, gives the advice to list out your priorities, then battle them out tournament style. My list included:

  • God
  • Spouse/ Marriage
  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Colleagues/Work
  • Friends
  • Finances
  • Social
  • Community
  • Personal
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Business
  • Educational

I ended up with 6 priority categories:

  1. God and Spiritual
  2. Wife and Marriage
  3. Kids and Family
  4. Personal – Physical, Emotional, Educational
  5. Social – Community and Relational
  6. Business – Career and Financial

Establish a Life Plan

We used this word document to setup our life plan:  Life Plan Document

In the life-plan we set our Envisioned Future, Purpose Statement, Supporting Verses, Current Reality and Specific Commitments.  These specific are planned actions we will take in the coming year to head towards that envisioned future.

Determine your Goals and Objectives

After we reviewed the Life Plan together we all went back and converted our commitments to Goals and entered in the following template, goals template sml.

I also love this direction template. This document helps to set Mission,Vision, Objectives, Strategy and more.  I spent mucho time a couple years ago setting our beliefs statement and our goals.  Hopefully this quick brush stroke over life plan and goals will help to kick start your year.

Track vehemently

I’ve also started tracking my goals.  In order to do this, I printed out two copies of my goals.  1 to put on my wall at work, a second to carry with me.  I have also signed up for a free goal tracking website at joesgoals.com for a simple goal tracking tool.

 What are your goals for 2013?  Any advice on how to do this better?  What’s your goal setting strategy?

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