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Everyone has a story.  What’s yours?

Life changing moments happen all the time.  Not just getting your first job, or getting married or having your first kid.  There’s the time I climbed a 14er, or the time I was held up at gunpoint in a parking lot, or the failed attempt at Mount Rainier or dropping off a cliff into a double-black in the backcountry in Colorado alone, I’ve had a few lifechngrs.  

What’s your lifechngr?


Was it a conversation? An environment? Was it a Song?  Was it a smell?  How does that effect you today?  Future you?

Five years ago I began meeting with entrepreneurs, businessmen and starters.  People who pushed to achieve something different in life, not just status quo and I asked a few questions:

  • What are you doing?

  • How’d you get here?

  • Where are you going?

  • What was the moment you decided to change from normal to different?  To take the step?  To go out on your own?  To take the CEO spot?  To climb the mountain?  To enter the SEALS?

  • What helped you cross the chasm?


Every one of these achievers said something different about when their life changed.  No discussion was the same, no decision was the same.  I started a business, earned an MBA, studied hundreds and thousands of case studies of businesses, began reading crazy amounts of blogs and books to fill my mind with leadership, business and skills to succeed.  All to begin a conversation here about lifechange.

Lifechngr.com is a work in process. Figuring out how to, drop the fear, take the risk and step out.  The call is made, now its baby steps in faith.  Or maybe just one big jump.  Love others in the meantime and TAKE ONE STEP TODAY.

What’s your lifechngr?

What do you do next?  First, subscribe to my blog.  Second, send an email at ba@lifechnger.com with your story, thoughts, comments and suggestions.  I look forward to meeting you.

Change is the only constant.