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13 principles
Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior (Photo credit: simpleking)

Welcome Traveler

Welcome Traveler (Photo credit: amee@work)


Here are our 13 principles blogged on @lifechngr in 2011.   These guide the daily actions of this blog and our lives.  Click on the words to see the article:

  1. Invest Deeply.
  2. Model Humility.
  3. Make Decisions.
  4. Engage Discipline.
  5. Use Vision.
  6. Everything is a Test.
  7. Find Faith.
  8. Be Kind.
  9. Have an Opinion.
  10. Stay Curious.
  11. Think the best.
  12. Find a Mentor.
  13. Be a Traveler. 



Skier (Photo credit: simpleking)